Active Risk Management

  • CFG actively supports Investors who participate in our private placements throughout the life of their investment in a given offering.
  • While this ongoingsupport does not guarantee a successful investment, since 1995 we had many experiences where this support was critical to the investments ultimate success…so we are committed to it
  • During the life of each investment CFG provides: 
    • Evaluation and supervision of issuer operating performance…including the imposition of business consulting where necessary,
    • Interest and principal payment monitoring and processing,
    • Issuer reportingdistribution and online archival, 
    • Legal intervention on behalf of investors, when necessary. 

Case Study – Food Processing Company

  • Investment –  $12.50mm 15% Participating Preferred Equity
  • Challenge – Company not achieving the necessary results, $150,000 monthly operating loss
  • Action & results – CFG conducted a 60 day intensive operational evaluation and then created and managed a turn-around plan including data analysis, report generation, management mentoring, and ongoing operational supervision.  Operating volumes have increased 250% and sustainable profitability, with positive operating cash flow has been achieved.

Case Study – Scrap Metal Shredding

  • Investment –  $2.65mm 14% Senior Secured Notes
  • Challenge – Misrepresentation of collateral value, default on interest payments, 
  • Action & results – CFG monitored a borrowing base, began withholding sales proceeds, foreclosed, conducted mediation.  CFG investors received a 98.72% return of principal; other lenders sustained a 50%+ loss of principal. 

Comprehensive Analytical Support

Investment Analysis isSupported by CFG through:

  • Up-front Due Diligence including (see CFG Due Diligence Guideline):
  • Overall business model evaluation
  • Product, customer and market analysis
  • Financial statement and financial management analysis
  • Criminal background checks
  • Legal judgement search and analysis
  • UCC lien searches, and more
  • Due diligence materials are available online for investor review (via MyCFG)
  • CFG offerings are often referred by CFG investors and prior CFG issuers which have prior experience with the issuer
  • Repeat CFG issuers enable a deeper understanding of issuer risks
  • Investors are provided direct access to Issuer senior management
  • Securities are structured to provide down-side protection to investors.
  • Matching qualified investment opportunities to the investor’s goals and risk tolerance.
  • CFG’s business management consulting services which enable:
    • an enhanced understanding of a company’s operations,
    • the opportunity to help the company improve its performance and 
    • Supports for Investor interests

Uncommon Investment Selection

  • A broad selection of unique, private debt and equity investments are made available for direct investment consideration
  • A wide range of industries, company stages and alternative investment categories are represented.
  • Most offerings are “non-correlated” to public securities market volatility and provide Investors with “absolute returns” based principally upon the Issuer’s business performance.
  • 20+ Offerings are usually either in the market or preparing to launching.
  • Issuance amount - $2.00mm to $250mm
  • Both syndicated and single investor (institutional) placements

Security Types Offered:

Debt (Current Income):

  • Senior Secured Notes
    • On balance sheet
    • Off balance sheet 
  • Subordinated Debt 
  • ABL

Equity/Equity-linked (Capital Gain):

  • Preferred Equity
  • Convertible Notes
  • Subordinated Debt w/ Warrants

Industries Financed:

  • Agriculture – Farms and packers of sweet potatoes, corn, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cattle, etc.
  • Aviation/Aerospace – Aircraft part distribution, engine repair, and private jet operations
  • Consumer Products & Retailing – Cosmetics, window coverings, natural groceries
  • Telecom – In-building wireless, telecom networks operations and cell tower ground lease acquisitions
  • Other – real estate, defense, security, energy and natural resources, food and beverage, healthcare services, manufacturing, restaurants, and natural and sustainable products

Investor Services

Carolina Financial Group (CFG), through its subsidiary, Carolina Financial Securities (CFS, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer), offers private investment opportunities to Accredited Investors (see Regulation D Offerings ).  Since 1995, our firm has privately placed approximately $1 billion of debt and equity financing for small and mid-market companies and for private investment funds (see CFG Prior Offerings).   We are specialists in private financing and private investment.  

We measure our success by the Investor being paid back their investment, when expected, with the anticipated rate of return.   All of our firm’s resources are focused on this, both before a security is offered for investment and after the investment has been made. 

CFG’s value to private placement investors

  • Uncommon Investment Selection – Numerous unique offerings to select from, with new transactions continuously made available for investment consideration. The range of investment themes by CFG issuers is highly varied:  by industry, by stage of issuer, by size of offering and by each offering’s risk/return characteristics.
  • Comprehensive Analytical Support – We only offer investments for issuers on which we have performed our own due diligence.  Our research material and documentation, including related spreadsheets, are available online for the investor’s independent analysis.  
  • Active Risk Management – Investor support throughout the life of the investment.  Our ongoing investor support can include our deeper engagement in the Issuer’s operations on a business consulting basis and, where necessary, formal representation on behalf of investors during legal interventions.

What are examples of CFG private offerings?

  • CFG has completed over $1 billion of financing for a broad variety of industries. 
    • General manufacturing, consumer products, agriculture, information and life science technology, telecommunications, commercial aircraft repair, business and financial services, energy and healthcare.  


  • Typical CFG private placement investments include:
    • Working capital finance and factoring solutions, $2 to $10 million
    • Senior short to medium term debt,  secured by company assets:  $2 to $30 million
    • Subordinated debt:  $2 to $10 million
    • Private equity:  $2 to $30 million
    • Venture Capital: $2 to $10 million
    • Project Financing:  $5 to $50 million


  • Debt offerings
    • Promissory Notes which are often collateralized by physical assets and guaranteed by the issuer and/or by the issuer’s major shareholder. 
    • Normally fixed rate obligations with yields substantially higher than US treasury or other public securities.
    • Maturities typically between 1 and 3 years, though longer maturities may be available.


  • Equity offerings 
    • Typically preferred shares (participating or convertible) with fixed dividend and a preferential return of capital.


  • Hybrid offerings
    • Debt with equity warrants


Who typically invests in CFG private placements?


  • CFG investors include high net worth individuals, family offices, Registered Investment Advisory firms (RIAs), and professionally managed investment platforms, including funds.


  • CFG interviews Investors for potential participation in CFG offerings to verify theirSUITABILITY for investment in a private placement.


  • CFG reserves the right to deny participation to investors which do not meet or cannot verify that their financial position adequately exceeds the minimum Accredited Standards defined in the SEC’s Regulation D, Rule 501 (see Accredited Investor Questionnaire for eligibility requirements) or are otherwise not SUITABLE for the risks associated with private security investing (see Investment Considerations).


  • Average investor commitment is approximately $100,000; minimum investment per single company transaction is $25,000.


  • Investors are provided ongoing updates on the status of their investments by Issuers of by CFG on behalf of the Issuer. 


What CFG doesn’t do…


  • We are not a personal financial advisor. 
    • Investors must rely on their own investment advisors for financial planning, investment management, tax, accounting, and estate planning advice. 


  • CFG does not underwrite any securities offering or make a secondary market in the offerings it represents.


  • CFG does not currently manage an investment fund. We complete each offering of securities that we represent by syndicating, as agent, pre-qualified investors who independently elect to invest in a given offering.