Comprehensive Analytical Support

Investment Analysis is Supported by CFG through:

  • Up-front Due Diligence including (see CFG Due Diligence Guideline):
  • Overall business model evaluation
  • Product, customer and market analysis
  • Financial statement and financial management analysis
  • Criminal background checks
  • Legal judgement search and analysis
  • UCC lien searches, and more
  • Due diligence materials are available online for investor review (via MyCFG)
  • CFG offerings are often referred by CFG investors and prior CFG issuers which have prior experience with the issuer
  • Repeat CFG issuers enable a deeper understanding of issuer risks
  • Investors are provided direct access to Issuer senior management
  • Securities are structured to provide down-side protection to investors.
  • Matching qualified investment opportunities to the investor’s goals and risk tolerance.
  • CFG’s business management consulting services which enable:
    • an enhanced understanding of a company’s operations,
    • the opportunity to help the company improve its performance and 
    • Supports for Investor interests