Uncommon Investment Selection

  • A broad selection of unique, private debt and equity investments are made available for direct investment consideration
  • A wide range of industries, company stages and alternative investment categories are represented.
  • Most offerings are “non-correlated” to public securities market volatility and provide Investors with “absolute returns” based principally upon the Issuer’s business performance.
  • 20+ Offerings are usually either in the market or preparing to launching.
  • Issuance amount - $2.00mm to $250mm
  • Both syndicated and single investor (institutional) placements

Security Types Offered:

Debt (Current Income):

  • Senior Secured Notes
    • On balance sheet
    • Off balance sheet 
  • Subordinated Debt 
  • ABL

Equity/Equity-linked (Capital Gain):

  • Preferred Equity
  • Convertible Notes
  • Subordinated Debt w/ Warrants

Industries Financed:

  • Agriculture – Farms and packers of sweet potatoes, corn, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cattle, etc.
  • Aviation/Aerospace – Aircraft part distribution, engine repair, and private jet operations
  • Consumer Products & Retailing – Cosmetics, window coverings, natural groceries
  • Telecom – In-building wireless, telecom networks operations and cell tower ground lease acquisitions
  • Other – real estate, defense, security, energy and natural resources, food and beverage, healthcare services, manufacturing, restaurants, and natural and sustainable products