Since 1995, we have raised over $1 billion in capital for middle market private companies. Our clients have relied on our experience and investor network to finance acquisitions, growth opportunities, recapitalizations and to finance the sale of their companies.

CFG also provides sell-side and buy-side expertise to help our clients either reach liquidity or to enhance their ability to execute their acquisition strategy.   


Banking client profile - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD OUR Brochure

  • $10M or greater in annual revenue
  • Positive cash flow or near term break-even
  • Experienced management teams with a proven track record
  • Recurring and growing customer base
  • Typical growth capital needs fall within $5M - $200M
  • For business owners seeking an exit - partial liquidity or management buyout opportunity; non-dilutive structures available for debt offerings 
  • Compelling business plan, reasonable financial projections and sustainable potential for market expansion or market share growth
  • Sound management and financial controls and systems
  • Viable and well-planned exit strategy
  • Acquisition driven growth needing buy-side assistance
  • Our banking team is experienced across most industries 
  • For more information read our banking clients testimonials

Why companies hire cfg

  • Management can focus their time on what they do best - running their enterprise.
  • Management can get the benefit of our financing experience, which includes understanding market-pricing, structures and market-rate terms.
  • Management can tap a lot more capital sources or buyers because we have access to a large number of qualified private investors, lenders, strategic and financial buyers.
  • There is no substitute for experience when it comes to closing deals.