Business Enhancement Services (BES), CFG’s consulting team, was created from an opportunity to improve business operations within CFG’s issuing company clients. Instituting BES has shown improved internal financial management within issuer companies that directly flows through to bolster investor support.  

BES offers improved day to day business functions by first, running a baseline assessment followed by a gap analysis. The assessment is used to get company buy-in which is trailed by an introduction to BES level Expectations and Habits. The assessment period is finished by providing a written report and recommendations.

BES sets itself apart by integrating itself into the client’s company, changing habits, setting expectations and not only focusing on past performance but also current and future positioning. When engaged, BES focuses on the following four areas:

+ People: The “Who” - The Right People

Employee Evaluation & Assessment

  • How many A, B, C players does the business have?
  • How does management know the employees are executing against their goals & objectives?
  • Attitude, Work Ethic, Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, OID: Ownership, Initiative & Drive over knowledge

Mentorship, Training & Development

  • Do you provide your staff with training? Is management easily accessible? How does management drive employee development?
  • Is Human Resources a compliance function or a People function?

+ Strategy: The “What” - Doing the Right Things


  • Does the company collect customer data? How does the company maintain relationships? Is there a sales pipeline? Does the company analyze sales data? Is everything geared to Delight the Customer?


  • What are the constraints? What are the capacities? Is there sales & operations planning? What are the key cost drivers? Does the company understand its vendors and what drives their costs to them? Does Capex planning exist? What about preventative maintenance?


  • Do you close on time and accurately? Do you reconcile the balance sheet and bank accounts? Does the company do short term or long term planning? How accurately can you predict in order to make better decisions? Are the company’s records organized and easily available? Is everyone on the same technology platform? What about Risk Mitigation planning?

+ Execution: The “How" - Doing Things Right

Organization: clean it up

Transparency: everyone should know

Process: the same way


  • Effective Team meetings, Groups, 1:1s & Daily Huddle, Agendas

Alignment (Goals, Objectives, Values)

Accountability MAP & Known Roles

Data Driven Decisions via analysis

  • How does the company solve problems?
  • One version of the truth
  • How do you know you are tracking your priorities?

+ The Results: How did we do?

  • Does the business close its books on time?
  • Does the management team review and discuss the results together?
  • Do financial statement results show that the company is aligning with its goals?
  • Does the company compare results to budget? To historicals? To the industry?
  • Are statements volatile?
  • Can you predict?


Business enhancement services staff

Todd Kidd, Managing Director - Bedford, IN - 865.414.6188

Sean Stubbs, Managing Director - Tampa, FL - 865.604.3525

Ashley Losch, Associate - Bloomington, IN - 828-393-0088 x526

Christian Rudd, Associate - Darien, CT - 828.393.0088 x 507