Sean Stubbs Head Shot.png

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Sean graduated from California State University with a degree in accounting.  After spending time in a traditional accounting role in various companies in southern California, he discovered that financial analysis was more in line with his interests.  Moving to Tennessee, Sean began working for Coca Cola in an analysis position managing budgets and forecasting responsibilities.

After a number of years at Coke, Sean then moved into food distribution as an analyst, then in a sales position, and finally into operations.  Here, he spent a great deal of time in various roles managing procurement, warehousing, transportation, customer service, and finally into a blend of general and financial management.

After many years in food distribution, Sean moved into a traditional CPG company, DenTek, and managed the end-to-end supply chain for the #1 brand of floss piks and other oral care products.  Here, he made the transition from a US based operations mind-set, to a global operations executive.

Sean now provides a variety of skill sets from operational excellence to financial analysis modeling for Carolina Financial Group to various clients.